Go out, explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Discover our Hiker’s Cabins in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Eiffel area in Germany. For a cycling or hiking holiday, a boating trip or a weekend away with friends or family. There's a suitable Hiker's Cabin for every occasion. Find inspiration and enjoy tranquility and nature.


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Hikers' Cabins are unique and can be booked for individual nights. Choose an activity or location and find all Hiker's Cabins in the area. There are Basic and Comfort Cabins.

Our 750 Hiker's Cabins offer something for everyone!


Unique Hiker's Cabins

Find a selection of unique and remarkable Hiker’s Cabins here

In our network you can find a variety of unique Hiker’s Cabins. Sustainable cabins with a remarkable design, made from recyclable materials. Some of the cabins are wheelchair accessible. Others can be found in secluded locations surrounded by nature.


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Hiker’s Cabins come in all shapes and sizes. From a rustic Standard cabin to a modern Trek-in, from wine barrel cabins to a renovated church.

Discover our unique Hiker’s Cabins and be surprised!

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