What are Hiker’s Cabins?

A Hiker’s Cabin is a wooden cabin which offers perfect overnight shelter for anyone enjoying a cycling or hiking holiday, visiting family on a campsite, or on tour with a group. All cabins can be rented for a single night and have basic but adequate facilities, including a comfortable bed, pillows, seating, lighting and electricity. You only have to bring your own sleeping bag and pillowcase.

A description of the facilities available at each location can be found at the Trekkershutten website.

The Hiker’s Cabins network offers something for everyone, whether you are travelling on foot or by bike, alone or with children, and whether you want to stay one night or several. The search engine will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Use the filters to stipulate your exact requirements. A growing number of Hiker’s Cabins are wheelchair accessible. Many have a shower and/or fully fitted kitchen. You can narrow down your search even further by selecting a particular type of location: seaside campsite, large recreation area, country estate or yachting marina, for example.

Trekkershut® is a registered trademark of De Groene Koepel. We monitor the quality of the cabins in the network by means of regular inspection visits. Only approved facilities are entitled to use the name and associated logo, which are displayed on a plaque outside each cabin. This is your guarantee of quality.

We publish the annual Hiker’s Cabins Map, showing the locations of all cabins in the Benelux countries and the German Eiffel border region.

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