Cycling from Hiker's Cabin to Hiker's Cabin

Hiker’s Cabins are ideal for cyclists. There is no need to carry your own camping equipment with you, although you will still enjoy a complete camping experience. Every Hiker’s Cabin can be booked for just one night so you can easily make a tour from one cabin to the next.

National Cycle Routes (LF)

Many Hiker’s Cabin locations are alongside the Dutch and Flemish ‘LF’ cycle routes so you can easily plan a longer tour taking several days. An extensive network with over 6,000 km of signposted roads is at your feet… or under your wheels. You can cycle through an agricultural landscape, across rolling meadowlands or along the coast, spending each night in a welcoming and comfortable cabin. What better way to spend a vacation?

For a map of the Dutch routes see Holland Cycling Routes. More information about the Belgian cycling trails can be found at LF Cycling.


It is very easy to plan a cycle tour. You can choose your own route and the number of kilometres you wish to cover in a day. In each region are a number of ‘junctions’ where two or more routes converge. Every junction has a number and an information board. You simply cycle from one junction to the next. Although a map may be handy, it is not necessary because the route between two junctions is always signposted in both directions. Simply look for the green and white signs.

Cyclists Welcome!

Many small hotels, cafes, B&Bs and other businesses in the Netherlands display a plaque with the ‘Fietsers Welkom’ logo. This simply means ‘cyclists welcome’. The Belgian equivalent is ‘Fietsvriendelijke Logies’ while in Luxembourg you will see the words ‘Bed + Bike’. These businesses are geared to the needs of cyclists and are happy to provide special service. Like you, they go the extra mile!

A cycle-friendly business will, for example:

For further information, see: Fietsers WelkomVlaanderen Vakantieland and Bed + Bike.

Take a break

There are many rest stops along the main cycle routes, indicated by clear signs (‘Rustpunt’). They offer somewhere to take a break, have a drink or something to eat, use the toilet, recharge your e-bike or make any necessary repairs. For more information see:

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