Chose your comfort

What do you need during your cycling or walking tour? Choose the Hiker's Cabin that suits you.

All Hiker's Cabins have a bed with mattress and pillow for the indicated number of people. There are also chairs and a table in the cabin. You also find at least one electrical outlet. 

A Hiker’s Cabin is an ideal place for your overnight stay during a multi-day cycling or hiking trip. Your bed is ready when you arrive. You just need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillowcase!

The basic Hiker's Cabins are ideally suited for a short stay during a cycling or hiking holiday. You only need a good bed and chair for a good nights rest. Sanitary facilities are available at the campsite. You get water in a jerry can. You leave the cabin broom clean on departure when you continue cycling or walking, on to the next Trekkershut! 

Do you rather have your own sanitary in the cabin or in a personal unit next to the cabin? Then select a Hiker's Cabin with extra comfort. It has its own bathroom in the cabin or in a personal unit next to it. The bathroom always has a toilet, and sometimes a shower as well. There is running (cold) water and a kitchenette or sink. 

In the description of each Hiker's Cabin you can see what inventory you can find. You can also select more criteria for your Hiker's Cabin.

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